This is the personal website of myself, Justin Arnott. It will be used as a testbed of sorts for all sorts of web development stuff. As you can see, I haven't done much with it yet. But I do have plans! You can see where the links will go on the page, and it should give you some sort of idea of where I'm going with this. This is gonna make a great summer project for myself and should be a real resume builder. I like doing this sorta thing, so it's fun, too!

About Myself:
I'm a third/fourth year computer science student at the University of Guelph. I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Soon I'll have links to my Facebook profile and Twitter page (although you can check out my latest Tweets on the front page!) and you can use those to check me out. I'll also fill this in as a bit more of a biography. If you actually read all this nonsense about a total stranger on the internet I applaud you. Good job, sir and/or madam.