E3 - Sunday Wrap Up

I'm finally all cozy in the hotel after my first day back in Los Angeles. E3 doesn't even start until Tuesday but already I'm feeling it in my feet*.

I arrived in LA around 12:30 (local time) and set about contacting Hayes. We eventually met up after a bit of back and forth on Facebook and took a shuttle to out hotel. In retrospect, the shuttle was a bad idea. It was cheap, but it also took us nearly two hours to get to the hotel after driving what seemed like laps around the city. It's fortunate for us that when we got to the hotel it was a shockingly nice place. Far better than the place I stayed in last year.

From there we headed to the convention center to grab our badges (the press colour is yellow this year!) and conference tickets. I got my wristband to the EA conference, but was crushingly disappointed when I found out Microsoft and Sony are admitting absolutely no one without an invite. Though the MS rep did tell me that maybe I could show up early tomorrow and possibly get in, or at least into the overflow room (a room beside the main hall where they stream the conference to for everyone who couldn't fit in). The Sony rep was not so confident or helpful, however, but we're still going to give it a shot.

Ubisoft was a no show here, so I'm gonna show up like I did last year and hopefully get waved through again. They gave out the best swag and I could really use another edition of the Assassin's Creed encyclopedia.

We ended our day by having dinner at Wolfgang Puck's and meeting a very nice gentleman with whom we exchanged cards. His site is big on anime, it seems, so I'll have to check it out. Then we returned to the convention once again to see if anything interesting was happening (there wasn't) and walked back to the hotel. Now my feet hurt and it's time to clear out all my street passes. Tomorrow is when the action really starts.

*According to the pedometer on my 3DS I've taken over 13,000 steps today.

Posted on 06/09/13


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