It's Been A While

It's certainly been a while, huh? The last time I posted on this blog was right as I was leaving for E3 last year - great experience, by the way. Let me tell you about it sometime.

In a few weeks I'll be flying back to Los Angeles for another round of E3 madness. This time I'm going to be more prepared. This year I'm going to network and make a name for myself and Slimgamer. This is the year, people. You'll be able to say you knew me before I was famous, or at least before I gained 2 Twitter followers.

Aww yeah, I'm gonna gain 2 Twitter followers. Watch out, world!

For serious, though, I'm gonna try and post more. Both to here and Slimgamer.

Posted on 05/22/13


Which of the following is an English word?
;ukgb english yuilbl bcofyi

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Posted on 05/24/13

Looking forward to it.

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