I'm currently running on two hours and I still have a little under two hours before I can actually relax. As I write this post I am sitting in Terminal B28 of the Pierson Airport waiting for my flight to board. You see, I'm going to E3 this year, a fact that I'm sure you had no idea about as I've only been raving about it for months now. My flight boards at 8:10 and after a fuel stop and layover in Calgary I'll be touching down in LA around 4:00 PM or so. This should give be ample to actually, you know, sleep.

I'm going to posting to Twitter for my entire journey. Anything related will be tagged with #E3Adventure. I'm also gonna post a bunch of photos and articles and what have you up to Slimgamer since technically I'm here on business. You're all nerds. Check out my E3 coverage.

Still though, I'm tired. I was up all night making last minute preparations. By all means, I should have done it all much earlier but I like to put things off and I get distracted easily. I think I'm gonna make a little journal that chronicles my entire journey because apparently I'm the kind of guy that does shit like that. I guess that would make this entry one. I should make it jazzier.

Enough of my ramblings for now.

Posted on 06/03/12


Which of the following is an English word?
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